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Liberty is a precious gift. In western society, it has become something that many of us have taken for granted, but it is only because we have forgotten that history is largely the record of the oppression and suffering caused by its lack. Today, we face the loss of personal sovereignty and the possibility of global class societies, done in the name of public good, with little societal resistance. If uncontested, these losses foreshadow greater losses of liberty in the near future. This will gravely impact our ability to accomplish our Christian mission of preparing the world for Jesus’ soon return and impact our ability as a church to reflect a true image of His character to a world that is need of light. . .

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In our efforts to combat not just chronic illness but also infectious disease, it is important to equip yourself with the most effective and up to date knowledge possible that does not violate biblical teachings. Click below to get our Anti-Viral Protocol to stay protected.

Our Mission

We are Seventh-day Adventist Christians offering a global online community and Christian health education platform that is dedicated to connecting and empowering medical missionaries to spread the gospel message throughout the world, following Christ’s methods of healing and educating.

"The medical missionary work is to the cause of God as the right arm of the body. The third angel’s message goes forth, proclaiming the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."

Ellen White {Lt55-1898.4}

The Home of Med Missionary Training

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Cooking Classes

High-quality food preparation videos with Mercy Ballard

Health Lectures

Health and history lectures with Dr. Joyce Choe, Dave Fiedler, and Kalon and Danna Gesellchen.

Online Resources

A suite of downloadable tools and handouts to aide your training

The Perfect Companion Book

The Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook was Mercy Ballard’s and Dr. Joyce’s first joint project together and it still stands as the best book on the market for beginning a therapeutic plant-based diet with the twin goals of combating chronic illness while still being delicious and highly enjoyable.

If you are interested in participating in our Med Missionary Training this book is both the perfect companion piece to use throughout your time in the training and it’s also a great introduction to our health paradigm.

The Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook contains a 7 day meal plan full of beautifully photographed meal options that showcases a diverse breadth of vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, all put together in delicious, healthy, and creative ways.

You can purchase the physical or digital version of our cookbook at the link right below!

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Catch Our Podcast!

In 2020 Mercy Ballard and Dr. Joyce Choe decided to start the podcast that would later become the Med Missionary Podcast. This is a 1-2 hour weekly program every Sabbath afternoon at 3PM PST where a speaker is invited to guide our listeners through scripture, prophecy, the health message, and how the current state of our world relates to the Bible. Click below to learn more!

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