Biblioteca video pe subiecte

Health Coaching & MM Work

All of our videos pertaining to health coaching and medical missionary work.

Diet, Nutrition, & Superfoods

This is where you can find all of our additional video recipes, as well as talks on diet and nutrition.

Natural Remedies

Every presentation that breaks down various natural remedies can be found here.

Evangelism & Testimonies

Evangelism is a big part of the medical missionary work, and testimonies provide tremendous spiritual encouragement. You can find all of those videos here.

Infectious Illness

This is where you can find all of our videos that detail how to combat infectious illness.


Gardening is one of the most spiritual activities you can enjoy, and here you can find our presentations that teach you how.


There are very few things more important than the health of our family, and this is where you can find our videos that discuss this topic.


Dental health impacts the rest of your health in more ways than you can imagine. Click below to learn more about this important aspect of health.

Country & End Times Living

Jesus is coming soon and we should be prepared for the difficult times to come before his arrival. Here we discuss country living and end times living.

Q&A Sessions

All of our Q&A sessions with Joyce and Mercy can be found here.


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