A: No, all are welcome to participate in our training course.

A: This course is designed for both health professionals and anyone with an interest in health; we usually have a mixture in our classes.

A: This course is aimed at adult education but youth can take it if they feel capable.

A:  This course runs for 6 weeks; but is open for 8 weeks for reviewing material and completing tests.

A: We suggest you view 2 to 3 health lectures per week at approximately 30-50 minutes each; 1 food preparation video per week; 1 History of Medical Missionary Work audio lecture per week, and 1 Health in the Bible video per week.  That works out to be about 5 hours per week.

A: Don’t worry, we had you in mind.  All of our lectures are pre-recorded or recorded for later viewing; that makes the course somewhat self-paced.

A:  Yes, you can re-watch Sunday classes in the Sunday Lecture section under the Materials tab.

A: We have a 2 hour livestream class on Sunday mornings from 6.30AM to 8.30AM PDT; and hours of course material on our website to watch at your own pace throughout the week.

A: We provide a digital certificate of completion rather than an accredited qualification.

A: You will need to take a total of 7 short tests at the end of the course pertaining to the health lectures and History presentations. (We suggest you take notes while watching each lecture).

A:  You can become a personal health coach to help people in restoration (see application at bottom) or a medical missionary working in homes.  You can do presentations in your local church or community.  There are no limits to what you can do as God may very well surprise you!

A: We recommend that you purchase our Autoimmune Plant-based Cookbook right away to be able begin implementing some recipe items to start. You will need a kitchen to cook in and basic cooking supplies including a blender and oven.

A: Yes! We offer our students the option of purchasing a low cost annual membership that will grant you access to all our content, additional programs every Thursday,  and ongoing support from our team to help you reach your community as a Health Coach and Medical Missionary Ambassador.

A: Yes. We highly recommend that everyone implement the dietary protocol we teach during your training—this will bless your family and others. 

A: For most people it takes about two weeks to implement changes. 

A: For a married couple, only one fee is charged! (Both need to train in the same session.)

A: To withdraw from our training course you would need to be eligible and follow the process according to our Withdrawal and Refund Policy


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