I’ve been in other medical missionary training [programs] but when I joined Med Missionary, that’s when everything came together in a cohesive understandable way.

Camille Aiken

Georgia USA

I wanted to do this for my mom, her hands were so stiff, painful, and heavy. When I heard this was based on an anti-inflammatory diet, I said ‘This was God-sent.’

Tere Stepper

Portland, Oregon USA

I’m an allergist and all of my patients have inflammatory conditions so this has been right on time for me. I have a lot of patients who have had so many food sensitivities and inflammatory issues and there’s only so much you can do, or at least what we think we can do.

Dr. Djahna Akinyemi

Washington DC USA

It [Med Missionary Training] was an amazing amount of information that was well put together. I enjoyed being able to watch the different courses online at my leisure.

I started the 4-day meal plan on January 10th and within a week my constant pain was gone, and my body didn’t experience the crash it usually had. After two weeks, the acid reflux during the night was gone, and was much more manageable during the day. The migraines have been fewer, and the hot and cold foot baths have been able to relieve the pain and help me get on with my day.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone on the Med Missionary team for all the incredible work they’re doing to bring back Ellen G. White’s health message in the way she intended it.

Andrea Gamero


Med Missionary Graduate March, 2022

The course was well structured and easy to follow. Thank you for all the work that you have all put into this program. I believe God has definitely opened the doors for a time like this.

Dr. Chev Harris, Dentist

Ottawa, ON Canada

Med Missionary Graduate December, 2021

The most useful thing that I learned was the true work of a medical missionary. I have attended medical missionary training in the past and really didnt learn anything practical. I always thought a medical missionary was someone who went around giving herbs and hot/cold treatments to people. I now understood for the first time the true definition and am eternally grateful!

Carol King

Princess Anne, Maryland USA
Med Missionary Graduate December 2021

Thank you so much for putting your hearts and souls into this work and into training for it! Your genuineness and transparency has been much appreciated. So thankful God is preparing a group of believers who can be real with each other as we reach out to help those in need!

JoElla Harlan, R.N.

Olympia, Washington USA
Med Missionary Graduate December 2021

Now if youre like me, you are no doubt wondering where clients and potential souls will come from. There IS a part you can play in order to bring that about, but rest assured, it is indeed the Lords work. He will provide.

Jeff Bentley

Kirkland, Washington USA
Med Missionary Graduate December 2021

I would like to take this time to tell you and Mercy how grateful I am for all that you  both did, not only through the lectures and demonstrations but also the time spent in answering questions and sharing so much knowledge, information and advise. I also looked forward to bro. Dale’s presentations, they are always so inspiring.I am happy I joined Med Missionary it has made a difference in my life and I look forward to much more since I have already signed up for a one year membership.

Michelle Robinson, R.N.

Sunrise, Florida USA
Med Missionary Graduate December 2021
Thursday I fell on an ice covered huge slanted rock and by the end of the afternoon I was starting to limp but had no time to do any remedies as I was getting ready to go to work. By early evening I could hardly walk. I thought I was going to need crutches as I had difficulty with each step. I realized I had sprained both my ankle and knee. I put ice on both areas with rubber and cloth water bottles along with elevating my injured leg way above my heart but got hardly any relief or sleep.
So around 4:30 a.m. I decided to try some raw onion that I usually use to make onion broth but couldn’t do as I could hardly walk…. So I cut slices of onion and put them in four areas around my ankle and put several slices behind my knee anchoring them with saran wrap and my sock and leggings.
By 9 a.m. when I left work my ability to walk greatly improved and was walking with only a slight limp and by early afternoon I took the onions off as my injured areas were 99% pain free.  Praise God!

Debbie Hughes

Med Missionary Graduate September 2021

First of all I would like to thank our Almighty God for giving me this privilege to take up this wonderful training.  I praise God for His marvelous leading in my life.

I really want to appreciate you all for doing this wonderful work for God.  Though we all are thousands of miles away from each other, by God’s grace we are able to connect to each other and learn many good things.  I’ve learned alot from this training, and I want to serve God better also implementing in my own life.

Arul Mary Daniel

Med Missionary Graduate December 2021

I was longing for a long time in my heart to learn more about health and natural remedies so as to apply them and help people in another level different as what is offered in our health facilities. Your course being accessible for me money wise and in time management has just been a blessing. I am just so grateful for everything I have learnt and the spiritual connection with the health message the way it has been presented during the whole course has really helped me put together may pieces that were missing in my mind and understanding.

Ana Luisa Cro

Medeira, Portgual
Med Missionary Graduate March 2022

Thank you so much to the Med Missionary Team for all the work it took to put this program together, 100% worth it! I was going to pay $2,500 for a program that would not have helped nearly as much as this one!

Laura Karry

Idaho, USA
Med Missionary Graduate March 2022

I liked very much how we could tackle the lessons on our own timeline, making the course very easy. The impact of gluten was a concept I thought was only a fad out of Hollywood, however, it has been especially helpful for me. My tremor has greatly improved by the implementation of the gluten-free recipes.

Karen Turner

Berlin, Maryland USA
Med Missionary Graduate March 2022

I found Med Missionary Training to be perfect for me in regards to difficulty of concepts, I gained a lot of knowledge. I found the Health Lecture to be especially enlightening, coming from a medical background.

I have implemented the green juices and breakfast smoothies everyday and have seen significant improvements in my blood work. I was severely anemic (B12, iron, and folate as well as other deficiencies and oversized RBC) and I have been able to come off all my supplements (except vit D) with just those two changes while breastfeeding my 4 month old!

Sydney Norzow

Bowdoin Center, Maine USA
Med Missionary Graduate March 2022
Dr. Joyce Choe and Mercy Ballard are true medical missionaries, with a spirit of purity, humility, and wholeness. Dr. Joyce and Mercy both come with strong medical background, knowledge, and experience. Together with their faith, and own personal health challenges, they have worked hard to discover God’s way of health and healing and have a passion to share this with others.
Their work is based on God’s natural laws of health and healing. They provide a service that is of the highest of standard and based on Biblical principles and the Spirit of Prophecy. They have a passion and commitment to reach others with difficult Autoimmune challenges, bringing them hope and comfort.
I loved the spiritual dimensions brought into the program bringing weekly devotionals that are the foundation of all that we do. There is also great support from their team of workers behind the scenes. Thank you Dr. Joyce and Mercy, I am so grateful to have been a part of this training. God bless you all!

Janice Cleary

Hastings, Michigan USA
Med Missionary Graduate March 2022
I am more conscious of what I eat now, where before I wouldn’t do my digestive walk. I thought I didn’t have the time but after I  talked with you about it, you reminded me even ten minutes is good, and better than nothing. I did my blood glucose today and first time in a long time it was 158 normally its in the 200s. I also want to thank you for all your patience with me and the communication you provided via email, God bless.

Norma Valdez

Danville, Pennsylvania USA
Med Missionary Graduate March 2022
Thank-you so much for all the work you all have put into this course, it truly has been a huge blessing! I’m so excited to see doctors and fellow Adventists equipping us to be lay medical missionaries. I loved how the history was incorporated as well, now I actually understand what a medical missionary is. It’s so practical! It’s far from a weirdo thing I used to think they were my younger years. Instead it’s sound science based on the Bible and the spirit of prophecy. Amazing! Thank-you all!!

Katrina Anderson

Vancouver, BC Canada
Med Missionary Graduate March 2022
I took this course because 1. The Medical Missionary work should not be separated from the gospel (both are emphasized equally). 2. This course targets the root cause of health issues. 3. The Lord wants me to prosper and be in good health. It was also logical and very easy to follow.

Yvonne McDonald

New Jersey, USA
Med Missionary Graduate May 2022

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