Med Missionary Affiliate Program

Here at Med Missionary, we are always looking for more opportunities to help our dedicated and loyal members like you expand their opportunities to earn honest money either directly through health coaching, or through other related means. We know that we’re currently living in a very unstable environment where people are being persecuted for their religious, political, or medical beliefs and losing their livelihoods for it all over the world. This is what motivates us to keep looking for new and exciting opportunities for our members that may have been affected, and this is what led us to start our Med Missionary Affiliate Program!

Some of you may be aware that we have an online course that is similar to Med Missionary, but is not specifically evangelistic in purpose. It is a big-tent program designed to take people from all walks of life and walk them through the same natural health principles we teach here at Med Missionary for the purpose of combating autoimmune disease in all of its manifestations. This program is called The Autoimmune Recovery Plan.


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