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  1. Insightful information regarding correlation of sleep, breathing and gut. Pre-sleep nasal remedy is useful.

  2. I personally have been treated buy Dr Helen Im in Tamecula. She did a sleep study too start and found my O2 Stats went into 60-70’s at night with TMJ issues and I was never getting healing at night. I did not have sleep apnea, never stopped breathing. Even with most strict adherence to diet my health would go down with light stress. Fixing this has made my health so much better and I am encourage that fixing this and med missionary diet I will never have another occurrence of auto immune.
    (I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s, Raynuads, many others that go with these.)
    I encourage others to be checked out.

  3. Dental and tongue alignment in the mouth may influence the action of the upper airways; brokage may cause snoring, back jaw ache, headache, neckache, migraine – due trans night mouth breathing.
    Cn be averted by breathing exercises, use of prebiotics in gut dysbiosis for pathophysiology and nasal hygiene among others.

  4. Thank you Dr Joyce and Dr Bang! Very informative and especially liked the part “What can I do at home”. I know several individuals who can benefit from this series on airway strengthening, besides myself. Praise the Lord!

  5. I have been diagnosed with grinding my teeth while I sleep. I was not aware of any issues except that the dentist has told me I’m prone to cracked molars. Years ago, I was advised to remove the amalgams in my molars which I was not aware caused a problem; I had to change dentists in order to do this. I suspect that it’s the reason why bone has receded from my jaw. Thank God, I still have my teeth.

  6. This has been very eye opening. I had no idea that the teeth and jaw could impact the body to this degree. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for an a wakening of the need to consider the body as a whole, and of the interaction between the air breathed, its quality and its quantity, the way we use our muscles to inhale, and the possible obstructions that can affect us to have a healthy organism.

    All of this Health Lectures have been very insightful and helpful in my understanding of the use of the Natural Remedies, as advocated by Sister Hellen White. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Thank you so much for this lecture.
    I have all those symptoms. Constant pain in my jaws and teeth, neck, cervical spine and head. On and off diclofenac for a year. Do not sleep well for many years, gum retraction, clenching i am so tired !!!

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