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  1. Wow! Simple homemade nontoxic households : Sprays, Refresher, Face lotion and a great finish with dental charcoal painting. Amazing

  2. I really wanted to see those coloured teeth 🙂 Thank you for the information. Yourself and Dr Choe present in such a natural way.

  3. Really enjoyed the practical demos with natural products. Have learned so much. Have started to use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning.

  4. Thanks for these, Mercy. It gives me a better idea on getting my home chemical free, by God’s grace.

  5. We benefitted from learning how to make home made clening products and learning how to make the charcoal teeth cleaning. Thanks Mercy for your role modeling of this procedure.

  6. hi, I didn’t understand what is the difference between placing the Oregano Organic Pure Essential oil straight to boiling water to placing the oil into a drop and then, dropping the oil in the boiling water! Isn’t it the same, but just adding one step in the process? Or is it missing some information in the video? Thank you

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