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Why Become a Member?

We pray that it is the passion of each medical missionary , “to encourage the sick and suffering to look to Jesus and live.”(Ministry to the City 127.4) The whole reason for medical missionary work is to be the heart and hands of Jesus – using His healing methods.

Our Beyond Med Missionary Membership is designed for you to continue and further your medical missionary training and learning and receive support – remaining connected to our trainers and med missionary community to have your questions answered. We encourage and support you to develop as an ambassador, lifestyle coach, lifestyle center director or 3-day detox facilitator.

We should ever remember that the object of medical missionary work is to point sin-sick men and women to the Man of Calvary, who takes away the sin of the world. By holding Him in view, they will be changed into His likeness. We are to encourage the sick and suffering to look to Jesus and live. Let the workers keep Christ, the Great Physician, constantly before those to whom disease of body and soul has brought discouragement. Point them to the One who can heal both physical and spiritual disease. Tell them of the One who is touched with the feeling of their infirmities. Encourage them to place themselves in the care of Him who gave His life to make it possible for them to have life eternal. Talk of His love. Tell of His power to save. Ministry to the City p. 127.4;

Ministry of Health and Healing p.73.6


What Do Ambassadors Do?

Ambassadors present health & lifestyle topics at their church using Med Missionary PowerPoint presentations and other resources.

Ambassador Benefits

  • Thursday Broadcast videos and supporting resources

  • Materials

  • Advice from Med Missionary Trainers

  • PowerPointsPTs

  • Flyers

  • Postcards

  • Your Referral Codes 

Lifestyle Coaches

What Do Lifestyle Coaches Do?

Lifestyle Coaches network and apply Med Missionary Training to work one-on-one with clients.

Lifestyle Coach Benefits

  • Thursday Broadcast videos and supporting resources;

  • Advice from Med Missionary Trainers

  • Med Missionary Coaching Kit and updates (via website) 

Lifestyle Center Directors

What Do Lifestyle Center Directors Do?

Lifestyle Center Directors run full lifestyle programs with the support of specialized Med Missionary videos and other resources.

Lifestyle Center Director Benefits

  • Thursday Broadcast videos and supporting resources;

  • Advice from Directors who are running lifestyle centers

  • Med Missionary Coaching Kit and updates (via website)

  • How to Start A Lifestyle Center Video Series

3-Day Detox Facilitators

What Do 3-Day Detox Facilitators Do?

3-Day Detox Facilitators perform a detox at their own homes, guest homes, or other venues.

3-Day Detox Facilitator Benefits

  • Detox Schedule


  • 3-Day Detox Recipes


  • Natural Remedies for Detoxing Clients

Membership FAQs

How Does the Membership Benefit Me?

Getting our yearly membership allows you continued access to our course site after you finish the course to join every training program we have and new content including videos and every other Thursday for members only. You have this continued community support and we can answer your questions. You can purchase a membership for $150 USD per year, or at $15 USD per month up to a year.

How Do I Continue with the Membership?

Go to your account section on the website; then account details, and view membership options there.

Are There Any Discounts?

Your membership is already at the discounted price.

If We Sign Up for the Membership Do We Still Have Access to All Lectures and Videos?

Yes, you have access to all of the lectures, videos, recipes, and more.

As I Transition to the Membership Will My Course Progress Be "Reset" or Lost?

No, your information will be saved and nothing will be lost.


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