Refund and Withdrawal Policy


If you withdraw from Med Missionary Training Program prior to the start date, or before the second Sunday Lecture of your live Zoom class, you are entitled to receive a full refund.

Refunds will not be granted after this period.

Non-Transferable Fees

Training fees cannot be transferred to the next training session. You would need to withdraw within the appropriate time frame and re-register for the next session.

Exceptions to Refund Policy

Students needing to withdraw after the applicable refund date due to exceptional circumstances may be eligible for a partial refund of fees paid:

Week 3 – 50%

Week 4 – 25%

No refunds possible beyond week 4

Exceptional circumstances considered include:

Serious medical situations (Doctor’s note required)

Death of the student, parent, spouse or child (Death Certificate required)

Life-threatening illness to spouse, parent or child (Doctor’s note required

If you were unable to complete your course, due to work schedules/commitments,

moving, etc., for reasons outside of these exceptions, unfortunately we are unable to

provide a refund.

Thank you for your commitment to the Med Missionary Training Program.